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    Dr Norman,
    I just finished reading your book and I have a question about lentils. I know from reading your book that Lentils have moderate to high FP. Lentils is one of our staple foods and I am wondering if all Lentils are same as far as FP values are concerned.
    We also make a dish similar to pancake called Dosa.
    Dosa is made of ¾ rice and ¼ black lentils (black lentil without the skin) soaked, ground and then fermented.

    I am wondering if the fermentation process would make a difference to the FP of black lentils used in this recipe.

    Norm Robillard
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    Interesting question mgururam. Soaking and removing the water from beans decreases fermentable carbs including raffinose, stachyose, and verbascose, as well as sugar and starch. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12489819. I would imagine the same effect can be achieved with lentils. Grinding will likely increase the glycemic index reducing the FP and fermenting will reduce fermentable carbs better than any other process.

    You might consider carefully experimenting with your recipe after going low FP for some time to get any symptoms under control. Please do post any results you achieve.

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    I am still waiting on my books to arrive, and I am soooo tired of drinking water! Can I drink Crystal Light Peach tea?? What does everyone else drink? I have been pounding the water, but mix flavor….Any ideas for me???

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    How can I tell if rice or rice cakes are of the high amylose or low amylose types?

    Just want to say that the FTD has been working well and is so much more manageable than other options I had seen. Just need more information.

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    Diana I have ths same question about rice cakes. They are a great convenience food but I have no idea what the FP is on the usual suspect: Brown Rice Cakes,or quaker (although quaker is a GMO product so I plan to stear clear of that I think).

    Circus mommy I drink coffee, tea and water and I stay away from the sweet stuff. A quality cup of coffee or tea with a splash of cream is heaven. maybe some bubbly water here and there…

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    Hi circusmama – I am with bearsmom. I drink coffee with cream, tea, herbal tea and water. After 10 months on the FTD diet, I can add a splash of 100% juice to the water for flavor and can now have dry red wine and dry hard cider. Prior to this I only drank about the same as above for 15 years (gave up soda, processed drinks, juices at full strength etc.) I did used to put sugar in the coffee and honey in tea, but now that I have cut most sugar from my diet, I like coffee and tea just fine without it. Since lemons are okay on the FTD diet, you could add that to your water for some flavor.

    Bearsmom- Norm advises staying away from processed foods made from rice until your digestion is healed (including noodles, rice cakes, etc.), unless you can be sure of what type of rice they are made from (many could be made from high FP rice). For a similar crunch and saltiness, I found the Nut Thins crackers tolerated well.

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    Jaeme, THANKS I will try the nutthins (LOVE those! and so do my kids) AFTER I get a decent baseline and stop looking 4 months preggo!

    Jaeme, as I told you, I miss my wine!! It would be heaven to have a sip of somthing wiht my husband again. Hopefully someday!!

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