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    So I have been suffering from symptoms related to IBS and GERD for quite a few years.
    Recently it has gotten quite a bit worse and I have been consulting doctors to figure it out (They perscribed me PPIs which I don’t want to take). It seems like some of the symptoms point towards an auto-immune disease (malabsorption- B12, folate, but I don’t think they have tested for D, E, K, or A; blood in stool; oil/fat intolerance), but I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet. We are waiting back for some tests on blood inflamation markers, and then it seems like we will do a gastroscopy/endoscopy/celiac biopsy.

    I still have symptoms but I found a big improvement by cutting out almost all oil/fat from my diet. No cooking oils, butter, or fatty meats.

    Which brings me to my question. Your diet focuses around meat, any suggestions? I guess I should just try and go for lean meats while everything clears itself up. I do eat quite a bit of fish which seems to work for me.

    I haven’t read your book yet. But I bought it today.

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Aturc,
    If you’re changing your diet in a way that helps, I won’t argue with that, but as you read the book you will see reference to studies indicating that fat’s are not the problem. Rather, limiting certain carbs that have a high fermentation potential (FP) is the key. Still, most vegetables and even some friendly starches are low in FP so the diet includes vegetables, fermented foods, some starches, certain dairy, meats, and fish, etc. It’s not all meat by any means. Since you’re getting the book, I’ll let you give it a read and see how it fits with you own leanings.

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    Hi Aturc,

    My problem is similar to yours. If eat oils or fats, even in small quantities, I battle IBS-associated symptoms of i.a. fatigue, lethargy, and acid reflux, to name a few. If I steer clear of oil and fats, I’m largely fine. Medical understanding of the gastrointestinal tract is still in its infancy – if you’re interested, I recommend taking this course on the gut microbiome to learn how microbiology is revolutionising the study of our bowels. In my view, IBS, which I too have been diagnosed with, is simply a bucket category that’s the product of insufficient understanding.

    Either way, if eliminating oils and fats works for you, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (I certainly don’t). In the meantime, keep experimenting. Like the poster above noted, it is possible that foods that ferment in the gastrointestinal tract cause some of your symptoms, or at least exacerbate them. This observation, as you may know, is the cornerstone of the FODMAP diet.

    I wish you good luck. May the progress of science be with us.

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    My niece who is only 8 years old was hospitalized a couple of times lately because of vomiting everything she ate and consequent dehydration. The diagnosis was pancreatitis. She is fine now, but has to follow a low-fat diet. I think that problems with the gall bladder and pancreas are exacerbated by consuming fats.

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    If you want decrease your deficiency naturally.
    Here are the list of foods that you have to follow:
    Mostly animal sources like dairy products, eggs, fish, meat and poultry.

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    I have been suffering from fat intolerance for over a year now. I have had many tests, machine, blood, fecal and all have come back normal. Doc put me on colestipol which really just masks my symptoms. All fats bother me. Even a banana. My gallbladder was ruled out but when I eat fat I get pain under my ribs to around my back on my right side. I feel like my doctors are just giving up. I’m fine if I don’t eat fat. I live on cream of wheat and non fat fruit and veggies. My symptoms got much worse about 8 months ago like the dam broke. I just don’t know what to do. I’m a small person and have lost 13lbs and this medicine is making me loose more weight and blocks the absorption of vitamins A D & E. This medicine seems like steps in the wrong direction.

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    @aturc Hi all!
    Vegetable fats are better than animal fats. Fats such as oil (olive, sunflower, etc) are good if you eat them with lots of vegetables.
    Vegetable Oil
    -usually reduces the bad cholesterol
    -has vitamins and is easy to digest (assimilate vitamins) with vegetables
    -makes the live produce bile (which improves digestion and stool evacuation)
    From my experience and research, I don’t think vegetable oil (besides having a specific allergy) can cause IBS, Constipation or other symptoms.
    Have you made a stool examination? Symptoms like yours have other causes like Viruses/Bacteria (Helicobacter, Gyardia).

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