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    Hi everyone, my name is Jenny, and I just started the Fast Tract diet 3 weeks ago. A little bit about me: I was diagnosed with GERD/IBS 15 years ago — symptoms at that time were soreness below my sternum, burping, diarrhea on and off occasionally, and I lost a lot of weight in a short time because everything I ate was upsetting my stomach. It started very suddenly, and my doctor immediately put me on a PPI. I have been on a PPI ever since, and until a few years ago, they worked extremely well for me, with only occasional flare-ups.

    I had been on Prilosec for a little while, but that stopped being as effective, so I switched over to 40mg of Nexium a few years ago, which I had been on before. But about a year and a half ago, that stopped being as effective, so my GI put me on 80mg of Nexium. However, I still have flare-ups all the time (burping, burning, sour taste in my mouth, excessive bloating, etc.). My GI is not very helpful — at my last appt., he said to stay on 80mg of Nexium until I see him again in 6 months, and then if I’ve been symptom-free for 2-3 months, then we’ll reduce the amount of Nexium I’m on. Symptom-free for 2-3 months? How is that going to happen? He didn’t explain.

    So, I decided to try the Fast Tract diet, because there were so many positive reviews of it online…and, to be honest, it still lets me drink coffee…can’t give it up! So far, I’m still having symptoms, although there have been a few days when it’s only been a little burping here and there. I’m having a difficult week with it this week, and am not sure what I’m doing wrong. The only things I did differently: I tried to reduce my Nexium a little bit by taking 80mg one day and only 40 the next…only did that for about 3 days, as my stomach really flared up on me, so I’m taking the 80 mg plus Zantac as needed; I ate few prunes, one a day, but I ate 2 one day, and that night, I got really bloated — I also took a Viactiv chew with a little cottage cheese that night, and that may have irritated things. Not sure, but feeling a little discouraged. I’m using the online tracker religiously, and I’m staying at around 30 FPs or under each day.

    I hope to hear back from someone, and maybe get some ideas of what worked for other people?

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I just wanted to be thorough in explaining my history and issues. Thanks in advance for any replies! 🙂

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