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    I’m new to SIBO and Fast Tract diet. Trying to figure out how I will integrate it into my life. One issue that’s very much up for me right now is travel. I live in the US and really want to visit my native Russia, where I haven’t been for four years. But the prospect of traveling while on a special diet is daunting. Yet not going at all feels like an non option. So, how do I make it work? Russia is a land of bread and dairy. It’s also a place where hospitality and food rituals are really important. In the past when I’ve gone I’ve just eaten what people serve me, and I’ve loved the street food and going to restaurants and getting all my childhood favorite meals. But now I can’t do that? To break that down, there are several problematic areas…

    1) Shopping for the right kind of food to eat on a daily basis — I don’t have a car when I’m in Russia. The public transportation in St. Petersburg is not bad, but I stay in a fairly out of the way place at friends’ houses, so making big or daily shopping trips is a bit challenging. Furthermore, I don’t know where to get the right kinds of foods. How do you strategize for that in a foreign country?

    2) Eating while on the go — related to #1. If I have to shop for all my food and take all my food with me as I travel to and from the city and around town, it will be very cumbersome. While I’m in St. Petersburg I usually eat at cheap cafes and restaurants at least once a day. That provides quick nourishment and also culinary variety — as opposed to cooking my own meat and veggies (which taste boring because I always cook them the same way) and lugging them with me everywhere I go on public transport.

    3) Accepting hospitality and bonding over food — this is such an important aspect of Russian culture. People invite you over, they make you food. You bond over the meal. My host and dear friend loves to trap people in her kitchen and serve them whatever’s on hand, most of which is bound to be high FP. It’s a communal love-fest. I hate to miss out on it, both socially and gustatorially. What do I do?

    4) Eating my native, childhood foods — part of the pleasure of homecoming is tasting the foods you can most easily get in Russia that remind me of my childhood. I love eating Russian street food, eating in cheap cafeterias, buying things at local stores and eating them on the go. It’s easy, it’s quick, (see #2) and it’s a really sweet connection to my past and to my homeland. The idea that I may never be able to eat these foods again feels heartbreaking, although I can probably pass them by for this one trip (though with difficulty).

    I would welcome any tips, as I’ve been dragging my feet on booking tickets because I can’t figure out how I’ll make it work. If you’ve traveled to other countries while on the diet, please share your wisdom.

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