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    Norm, what enzymes will digest the more resistant carbs? Will these help?

    My doctor wants me to get my carb count up enough to gain weight (which is at least 100 g. per day), and just eating lots of jasmine rice won’t work.

    What are some other low FP carbs that might work? Looks like rutabaga, parsnips, blueberries, dates – please, any suggestions even if they go up in the moderate range.

    Norm Robillard
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    Jaeme, Focus on the lower FP carbs (and / or similar foods) in the appendices. Newer data for “Dates” show they actually have a lower GI (around 42) and hence a higher FP. The original published GI or over 100 for dates is not accurate. I just updated the tables for the second printing of FTD heartburn and will do the same for the IBS book. So use caution with dates.
    As for enzymes, lactase (for lactose), amylase (for starch) and alpha-galactosidase or Beano (for fibers in legumes). Less common are sucrase (for sucrose) and alpha-glucosidase or maltase (for maltose). They will help if you are deficient in each particular enzyme. Most common deficiency is lactase. Humans don’t make alpha-galactosidase so it’s a good idea if you consume legumes. Damaged brush border (microvilli) in the small intestine could lead to deficiencies in sucrase, maltase and lactase.

    Post count: 348

    Thank you Norm – your responses are so appreciated by everyone here.

    Trying to transition out of ketosis and upping the carbs has been horrid – having bad reaction to simple sugars (hand and head tingling, nausea, etc.) Trying to concentrate on fruit and higher-carb veggies. Doctor wants me to try soaked/sprouted/fermented oatmeal. Hoping it works with added enzymes.

    Regarding dates, seems like Medjool dates are much less fibrous than California dates, so maybe GI depends on which type. So far I have had no trouble with dates, but ate Medjool. Bought California dates and noticed a big textural difference, but so far not symptoms.

    Please advise anyone starting the FT diet to be cautious about ketosis if they do not need to lose weight.

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