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    There seems to be a bit of ambiguity and carb variation out there in regard to different coconut milks (sweetened VS. non-sweetened etc.) Yet coconut is an important food that some people with gut issues like to regularly include in their diet. (I do know Norm R. said in one of the blogs he plans to update the FP of coconut in the tables when he does his next revision of The FTD book.)

    It has however crossed my mind a few times as to whether or not home-made (12 hour cultured) coconut yogurt from young drinking coconuts using both the water and the flesh would have less FP, or be less problematic, than the same if it were uncultured??

    Coconut yogurt may be on the way to becoming almost as popular as dairy yogurt among health enthusiasts yet, unless I have missed it, I have not seen much discussion on this website about it.

    Any thoughts from the seasoned FTD Fast-Trackers?? 🙂

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