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    Great question Mark. More evidence has emerged (smart pills that measure acidity indicative of fermentation) showing people with IBS (linked to acid reflux, overlap 50%) have excessive fermentation in early part of the large intestine (LIBO), so I would not be surprised by your result. I consult on SIBO, LIBO and other related conditions. Contact us if you want to schedule a 15-minute pre-consult – no cost.

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    I’ve got IBS-C and serious bloating. I’ve got also a somewhat positive breath-test for SIBO.
    But an x-ray showed gas in the colon. And also my intuition says that most bloating occurs in the colon flexures. I’ve read your book and the FTD helps to reduce the gas to non painful levels.

    So the question is: When bloated from SIBO, does the gas stay in the small intestines and does this x-ray indicate that I should look into LIBO?

    Thanks a lot, you’re a big help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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