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    In the book it says: “…notice that the low-FP fruits include: watermelon, cantaloupe, dates, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, lychee and apricots.”

    But in Table 11 in the same book, dates are listed with a high FP of 27.

    I was wondering which claim is correct?


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    If you have the new version of the book, the FP of dates was increased in the tables due to new info Norm found. The text in the book may not have been updated with the FP tables.

    However, when I was beginning the FT diet I found I had no trouble with eating one medjul date but did have trouble with California dates. So maybe the table info came from the new GI of California dates (maybe more fibrous?).

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    Thanks, Jaeme!

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Magic, Jaeme’s explanation is correct. You obviously have the new book, which adds this comment under the table:
    “The glycemic index for dates was originally reported to be over 100, yeilding a very low FP, but subsequent studies show it’s much lower, thus the FP correction to 27 grams for a 2.1 ounce serving.”
    Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy in the text. Something to fix for the next printing.

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