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    A health care professional told me that her husband got crohn’s disease caused by campylobacter bacteria. The source was contaminated food from a nationwide Mexican fast food chain with cheap tacos. The health department found the bacteria in the food. He had endured over a year of intense pain and multiple colonoscopies and endoscopies. His wife feared that he would die. A doctor considered removing part of his colon. The patient was on predisone, and suffered bad side effects. While he is currently in remission, the symptoms could come back in a week, a year, who knows? If symptoms return, he will be put on humira, another immune system suppressant.
    So far, the restaurant whose food caused all the problems has paid nothing. The moral of the story is to be very careful of what and where you eat. If possible, check out restaurant health department reports. I am shocked that the restaurant was not shut down. The victim’s gastroenterologist believes that many gut related diseases are caused by ingestion of contaminated foods, scary!

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