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    I’m a 26 year old female, and from a month ago, I developed a cough and post nasal drip after whenever I eat or drink water.. Most of the times it’s a dry cough but whenever i get some mucus out , the symptoms get a bit better but I am left with a sore throat. I also get that lump in the throat feeling sometimes too. But I never get heartburns or any acid feel in my throat or mouth.
    But just to say, I am quite healthy, and really thin, I barely hit the 44 kilos (97 pounds) for a 5 ft 2.
    It suddenly started with me, but I don’t know if the cause is related to :
    1. I had severe vomiting for about 10 times in a period of 22 hours, while flying ( Going from the middle east to America) and it was mainly on empty stomach.. Not sure if that caused a hiatal hernia but I don’t have any of the symptoms. Then in America, for 3 weeks I was eating in restaurants and having soda at times ( Due to the fact that i was only visiting)
    I didn’t have any LPR signs back then.
    2. After coming back home, and after awhile, I had a severe diarrhea for 3 days but then it went away on it’s own.
    Before the diarrhea I was having some coughs, but it wasn’t till after it that the symptoms really got bad.

    The ENT doctor said I had LPR and put me on Nexium 40 ( Which I believe is too much for my weight) and 3 pills of Mosapride and one allergy pill every day for 2 weeks and told me to cut off chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tomato, citrus, thyme, fried dishes… but after 5 days of taking those, I had diarrhea once again and the stool changed in consistency and colour so I stopped them.. Plus they did not stop my symptoms.

    I usually don’t consume alcohol not sugary stuff ( Except chocolate) and I only drink coffee once a day.. I also eat quite healthy and organic since we grow what we eat from vegetables and legumes and some fruits and I am not really a fan of fried dishes that much in the first place.

    What more can I do.. And do you think it might be related to the diarrhea and vomiting episode? I don’t want to take pills anymore.. Also.. Which one of the books do you recommend? My fiancé is in the States and he can get it for me ( Since in Lebanon we don’t have paypal)

    I cannot afford to lose more weight and need a good diet that would treat my symptoms because i feel like i am chocking at times and it’s really affecting me.. Plus I am about to get amrried in a few months.. and i worry that LPR and whatever other unknown issues i have would affect my pregnancies.

    Sorry if this is a big post but I am really lost and hopeless.

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    Hi saroshka. I am puzzled as to what caused your vomiting and diarrhea symptoms. Have you asked your doctor? You may find the Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn book and diet to be a big help. Many people with LPR have felt better by following the diet. Good luck!

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Saroshka,
    Really sorry to hear about your dramatic illness on the plane and subsequent illness. Your symptoms are consistent with LPR which, like GERD and IBS can be triggered by gastrointestinal infections as well as dietary changes. I agree with Jl, Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn should provide help. If you are need more guidance with your specific situation, you might be interested in our consultation program – we work with people all over the world using Skype.

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    wondering if anyone else has experienced that when you are constipated LPR, belching and GERD get worse. I think that perhaps lower colon dysbiosis can drive problems all the way up to the throat. When I have regular movements- significantly less problems!

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