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  • candice
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    Hey, I am a married woman and had to quit my job due to some health issues. Now, I am sitting idle at home and this is ruining my life.
    I have got IBS. I have consulted many doctors for the treatment. But, none of their treatment showed effect. I didn’t have any trouble while I was at home. After marriage, the change in living conditions has affected my digestive health too. I have to throw up immediately after having food.
    I thought of taking rest for a few months and taking proper treatment and medication for the condition. I have heard that colonics treatments from Toronto can help to reduce constipation and improve overall digestive function and energy.
    Is there anybody over here who has undergone this treatment? I am hearing about this treatment for the first time. Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    Judy R
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    I have had a number of colonics treatments. These were years ago, and promoted as a good annual cleansing. I also suffer from IBS and SIBO. I can say that the colonics did nothing for the IBS at all. So I continued to suffer until I found Fast Tract Diet. I have had NO symptoms and my stools are becoming more normalized all the time. But colonics did nothing for that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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