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    I’ve seen information from two different camps on this topic. One of them claims that food grade carrageenan is from a natural source, seaweed, and that it has been used safely as a thickener for many decades. The other says that carrageenan can cause intestinal inflammation and damage. One study even showed a link to leukemia in animal testing; I think this has been largely discredited because they used non-food grade carrageenan. I notice that this ingredient is often used in creams and soy or almoond milk. Does anyone have further knowledge about the safety of this ingredient?

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    I’ve read that it can be a stomach irritant, but I don’t know much detail. Note that ingredients derived from a natural source can be far from the naturally occurring form. Is it “natural” to extract one chemical from a food, concentrate it, and add it to another food?

    I think the carrageenan is used to keep milk substitutes from separating. I avoid it, by using canned coconut milk instead of cartons. Canned has very few or no additives. It’s also possible to make your own of any milk substitute.

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