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    I am a newly registered member and am interested to hear thoughts on whether this plan would be beneficial for someone like myself who suffers from Bile Gastritis (reflux into the stomach) following removal of gallbladder. I rarely have reflux into the esophagus or if I do, I rarely have symptoms of heartburn – maybe once every 6 weeks or so.

    My symptoms are vague nausea/gastrointestinal discomfort, frequent and loose BM, mild gnawing type feeling in stomach, a general lack of appetite and weight loss when I am symptomatic (currently symptomatic for 3+ weeks and down 15 pounds).

    My whole life I have always felt better from a GI perspective when I take antibiotics which led me to believe that I might have SIBO. Also, eating a lot of fruit causes me to bloat and have gas (and this sometimes will cause heartburn), and taking a pre-biotic as suggested by my GI made me totally miserable with gas, bloating and pain.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts or experiences. I didn’t see much on Bile Gastritis/Reflux related to gallbladder surgery. If this program may be helpful, I will schedule a consultation right away.

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