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    Hello I would like to say early on (using fast tract diet) I have had success preventing my heartburn by stopping eating peas / red apples / granola bars everyday like I used to do. HOwever, I used to eat 1 apple every morning with a granola bar for breakfast. I cannot find a replacement for the apple in the morning. I was going to buy peaches but they are not in season.

    1. Do you have any ideas for a good replacement (for an apple) that can be taken on the go? Or other breakfast ideas? Thats all I would eat in the morning so now I am starving for some calories and feel rundown. Thanks!!!!

    2. P.s. I also stopped eating granola bars but do not know if that was a trigger for heartburn? (I could not find a low carb replacement for granola bars) I feel my main cause was eating peas everyday for years. I am not sure how much the apple caused heartburn but it was on the moderate list (I believe) so I stopped eating one every morning….

    Really appreciate any ideas!!!!

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