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    Comment from AussieNana (migrated from discontinued thread).

    The following is from an email I sent to Norm and he suggested I write up what is happening to me here.

    Yes I have ankylosing spondylitis, but a fairly mild form plus a little rheumatoid arthritis. In the past I’ve had many, many symptoms – an average of over 20 at any one time and in the hundreds over my life affecting every system in the body. I was finally given the diagnosis of CFS/fibromyalgia (despite the positive AS blood test!). Anyway I’ve given up on doctors in most circumstances and focus on self management.

    I’ve been on a lowish carb paleo diet that has definitely reduced my overall symptoms but after five years I’ve become more and more unstable on it. Certainly my back pain was reduced, down to the level where I could ignore it most of the time and I’ve been without prescribed medication for back pain for decades and OTC pain relief is only very occasional. My increasing problems on the lowish carb paleo and the need to be stricter and stricter on it to keep things under control made me want to look elsewhere and the resistant starch approach fitted some of the reading I had been doing just before I retired from being a researcher at the local medical school. I’ve been taking potato starch for a month now and it has exacerbated my AS. However I want to heal my AS and other minor health issues, not just reduce it to a now unstable minimum. Hence the PS trial.

    I had heard of research that a low starch diet reduces symptoms, but, as I said, for me that has only worked for a number of years before I needed to take another look at it. You might like to add this anecdotal case to your mental database.

    I have to admit to knowing almost nothing about the theory behind the management of the gut – just what has worked or not worked for me. What hasn’t worked is ordinary medicine based on the pharmaceutical industry drugs. What has worked is self management and personal biohacking.

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