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  • Jeffo
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    Hi there,

    I’ve been on the F.T. Diet since the beginning of February 2015.

    I must admit I have not been calculating the FP of the foods I eat but have a good idea of foods in the danger zone. I therefore avoid all high FP foods and greatly minimise, or avoid, even the moderate fermetable ones.

    The benefits I have experienced are more sustained energy and less gut irritation, odorless poop, and reduced volume of the same. (They used to be too bulky and smelly).

    The strange thing I can’t work out is this. And this is where I’d like some feedback.

    Around a week ago, for about three or four days in a row I experienced the best well formed bowel movements that I have had for over 20 years!!! They were what I’d consider 95-100% normal. I was elated and very encouraged by this as many of you could imagine. However, what puzzles me is that as far as I am aware without any change in diet that I can recall (although I cannot be 100% certain) things went back to how they normally were :-(. Blow. This was somewhat disappointing. They are still odorless which is good and reduced in size which is good but there is some minor to moderate constipation and less poop formation again.

    Questions I ask myself are, am I worrying about nothing?? Do I need to give it more time? Is my body adjusting?

    So does anyone have any thoughts? How important is it to have good poop formation on the FT Diet?

    Are the beneficial effects of the FT Diet cumulative over time or is there something you guys feel I am inadvertantly doing wrong?


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    Hi Jeffo – sounds like you are doing really well for only three weeks. I think your only problem is not counting FP points, especially if you are not weighing your food. Those points are based on certain serving sizes, and just having a double serving of a low-medium FP food can add up over the day. Your best friend is a digital kitchen scale, at least until you develop a good eye for what a serving of each food looks like. After a month or two you may be able to quit weighing and counting (I was, hope you can too). I did have some ups & downs, back & forth, as the gut rebalanced. The best way I can describe this process is like a tug of war- the goal is to finally get everything pulling on the good side of the rope.

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Jeffo,
    I like Jaeme’s suggestions and agree that you have made some good progress. Of course anytime you change your diet there is an adjustment period and your gut microbe populations begin. If you have not read it yet, here is a short blog on constipation.
    If all else fails, we have a flexible consultation program that can help.

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    Thanks for your comments Jaeme,

    Things are going pretty good…….not perfect but MUCH improved. My gut is happy. Prior to the Fast Tracking I was doing a lot of good things on the SCD (eliminating gluten, lactose and other problematic foods) however the big unknown problem was way too much fiber. I never suspected that this was what was hindering my progress. I have a got a way to go, constipation is not severe and I think now my gut is more robust and winning the “tug of war”!!!!

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    Thanks for your comments too Norm……..I guess the main thing is I’m going forward. I’ll definately be sticking to the Fast Tract principles for some time before I think of modifying anything. And some of the things I’ve learned will stick with me for good 🙂

    I might consult with one of you guys at some point if I run into trouble or need help in fine tuning.

    Blessings upon you!

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