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I took a long while before my shortness of breath started to improve of staying with the diet. I would say now after four months, it is much improved and I am able to deviate somewhat on the diet.

I think if you stick with it, things will improve with time. For some reason the LPR seems to take a lot longer than just regular reflux.

Good luck to you and feel better soon!

I also did a few private consults with Norman Robillard which I found very worthwhile. He zeroed in on issues that I had in particular. He is very thorough and was able to lead me in a good direction. They are a bit expensive but for me was worthwhile. Otherwise, just sticking to the basic diet should in time help a lot.

You can also join the Facebook page of Fast Tract Diet and that is also very helpful to ask questions about the diet and hear others’ experience. There is another group on Facebook Laryngopharyngeal reflux where a lot of people have the breathing issue.

Hope all this is helpful to you!