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Here is what I am experiencing

More sustained energy throughout the whole day
No IBD symptoms whatsoever
Less constipation or diarrhea despite less fibre
Better less sallow complexion (less of my typical jaundice look)
Better overall mood
Far less need of so much sleep (from 9-10 hours to 6-7 hours!!!)
And I assume better fat absorption coz things don’t “float” anymore
(It may be due to the digestive enzyme I reintroduced but I feel it is more the dietary fuel change.

(I am eating much more fat by the way but not fat from meat)

Here’s a MAJOR lesson I learned over the years through much self experimentation

I simply cannot “mix” the two fuels together. I cannot eat carbohydrate-based foods and protein or fat-based foods at the same meal without suffering the awful consequences of IBD. So it’s one or the other.
If I eat carbs on its own or Fat and protein on its own I’m fine. However obviously one cannot be properly nourished by carbs alone. So fat and protein is in! (I still eat carbs but much less until I am fully recovered.)

So my advice to newbies of the FTD is to be careful, don’t guess but weigh your carbs (at least when beginning the diet) but weigh them.