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Hi Fast Trackers,

I’m happy to say in view of my last post things are fast improving!!

A little over a week ago I re-read some of the positive experiences under the Fast Tract Dieters testimonials. I also read the Amazon reviews of Dr. Wolfgang Lutz’s book Life Without Bread in both German and English. I took note of the ones with people who experienced remarkable recoveries. I noticed they had one thing in common. They ALL, without exception, ate VERY little carbohydrate and starch (less than 72 grams per day) and made up for it by LOADS of protein and particularly loads of fat (butter cream, cheese…….) to make up for the lack of carbs. So it is essentially changing the kind of fuel they used for energy. So armed with Fast Tract FP info I decided to make an even more radical dietary change and further reduce my intake of even low or zero FP foods (both fruit AND low starch veggies). And the result in a couple of days was dramatic.

I’ll specify the improvements in the next post.