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Thanks for your suggestions and especially reminding me about enzymes.

Yes I have tried using enzymes in the past. Unfortunately, to my surprise, the last powerful prescription pancreatic enzymes didn’t seem to make any noticeable difference. Yet now that I look back, I was on the SCD . . . and probably having too much of the “legal” food (bananas, apples, honey etc.) which I now know are a no no and no doubt these seemingly little things likely perpetuated SIBO and threw a spanner in the works and although I don’t know for sure but this may have also prevented the full effect of the enzyme. After reading your comment I thought it might be worthwhile having another crack at enzymes in connection with a more diligent application of the Fast Tract Diet. I was hoping I didn’t throw the unused enzymes out. I went to my cupboard and rummaged through a large box of dozens of supp’s I no longer use. And yay, I found some.

And you’re right about loading in extra high calorie stuff – I am going to try that again too. Actually already begun and I must say tweaking things that bit more is making a positive difference I can see and feel!!! Early days yet but I’m confident if I balance my gut microbiome, over time the fat malabsorption will take care of itself.