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Hello, Briana. I’m sorry to hear of your struggle.

I think most of the Q&As for this diet, FTD, are now on Facebook. So you might have better luck getting answers there. I don’t use Facebook, so I periodically check this forum.

I can tell you that this diet did help my LPR symptoms a lot. But it wasn’t a cure. I now believe LPR is a lifelong condition, that’s somehow related to anxiety. So I’m no longer expecting a cure. I’m just focused on management and keeping the symptoms to a minimum.

This Fast Tract diet certainly helps minimize symptoms. Here are some other things I’ve noticed with my struggle (which is far easier now, and some days I don’t notice symptoms):

– I don’t do well with high-fat foods — they seem to worsen symptoms. So I eat a moderate level of fat. I eat lots of skinless poultry and salmon, as well as vegetables (mostly cooked, because they’re easier to digest that way), and a serving or two of fruit (melons, mostly). Also, lots of Jasmine rice. I don’t refrigerate it, as that increases the resistant starch and it absolutely causes bloating. I cook a batch (1 cup of uncooked rice; makes about 700 grams of cooked rice) every morning. I eat that throughout the day, left on the counter in an air-tight container. So it remains soft — it doesn’t get hard and clumpy. And at night, I throw out whatever’s left over.

– I stop eating three hours before bed. And I elevate the head of my bed by 5 inches (wood blocks under head of bed) so I can sleep on an incline.

– I don’t take any medications or supplements, except for a probiotic: Primal Defense, by Garden of Life. Probiotics have been shown to reduce anxiety, and anxiety is strongly linked to functional dyspepsia (indigestion).

Regarding constipation, I know that too much fat slows down my digestion. Also, too few calories/food does the same. If I keep my fat at moderate levels, and eat lots of food, that seems to help keep me regular. And drink plenty of water.

Good luck. I wish you the best.