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Hi Catharina. I’m glad to hear you’re improving.

If you’re having trouble with maintaining your weight, eat lots of Jasmine white rice.

I’ve never had a test for SIBO. I doubt that I have SIBO. I’ve been eating this way for months, and my symptoms are at a minimum. But if I spend a day eating apples and pears, and lots of oil or butter, my reflux will be through the roof. I doubt that’s a sign of SIBO. I think my stomach just struggles with large amounts of food that’s difficult to digest (fat and fiber).

Also, I do believe the probiotics have helped my symptoms. I feel much calmer, and my symptoms are less noticeable/bothersome.

I need fat to keep my weight on, so I’m not doing a low fat diet. It’s moderate fat. And I eat lots of carbs, mostly from Jasmine white rice and cooked vegetables.

I would suggest that you stick with the diet for a few months, regardless of the results of the SIBO test. And certainly get lots of calories. I eat five times a day (about three hours apart), so that I can get lots of calories without making my stomach too full (which usually worsens the reflux).

Good luck 🙂