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Hello Scott,
Thanks for your reply.I am doing a little better now; no or minor bloating and there are moments I hardly notice any symptoms but the reflux is there all the time and it consumes a lot of my energy.
I have trouble maintaining weight although I put extra oil in everything I eat.
Did you test for SIBO? I will get two tests the coming weeks; one with lactose and one with glucose. I asked for lactulose but the doctor had never heard of a lactulose breath test…They will only test for hydrogen, not methane so I am a little woried if the results will be trustworthy, especially now I am following this diet that is meant to reduce sibo. I found out recently that you can order a test and do it at home. If I had known I might have taken a test before starting the diet. It would be easier to stick to the diet if I knew for sure that I have Sibo.
Maybe you still have symptoms because you still have sibo. There is also some discussion on probiotics for people with sibo; some people think probiotics may aggravate sibo.