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Welcome, Jsbarnes! The fast tract diet helped me immensely. I was so frustrated when the doctor put me on Nexium, and it did not do me one bit of good! I always felt it was harming me. My diet was so limited, I lost a ton of weight, and my symptoms would not abate. I went into a state of depression. Reading Norm’s book gave me a great deal of hope.

I know that my LES opens freely at will (doctor saw it during my endoscopy), and in the past, the surgical options have been very scary. The side effects seemed worse than the actual problem that the surgery was supposed to fix. One promising procedure is called Endostim, and it is done in other countries. The operation is not FDA approved in the United States yet, and I think it is a few years down the road in this country. It does not alter your anatomy, but is an electrical impulse, somewhat like a pacemaker for the heart, that makes the LES function properly. I hope you find success in managing your symptoms! You have come to the right place for help.