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Hello everybody,

My story started last year. I wasn’t feeling well, nauseas after meals and I felt like food stayed in my stomach for days. My GP advised me to take a ppi. It made my symptoms worse so I stopped taking them after two weeks. I felt a lot better but two days later I started to get reflux of a salty fluid all day long. It burned for two days but most of the time it was just this reflux. After 10 days the reflux stopped. I assumed it had been rebound reflux. Unfortunately I felt nauseas after meals again so my doctor advised me to take the ppi again and taper the dose to prevent rebound. I took it for 10 days, then tapered the dose as I felt bloated, burped a lot and my food stayed in my stomach. This continued for two weeks after stopping the ppi but then the reflux started again. I assumed it was rebound and luckily it got better after seven weeks but three weeks later it started again.
At first it was continually burning my throat, but after two months (febr 2015) it alternated between salty reflux that didn’t burn and burning reflux.
I got a gastroscopy that showed only a small hernia diaphragmatica. Since March I have been trying to get rid of the reflux by diet. First I started to eat vegetables, beans etc. instead of bread but after a week my symptoms got worse. Then I found the FTD but as I was scared to eat a lot of fat, I started to loose weight. Then I followed low fodmap for two weeks but the reflux got worse so I decided to do low acid/low fat/lots of carbohydrates. For a couple of days it seemed to work but then it got worse again.
I switched to eating a lot of veggies but then I started to feel very bloated. I tried enzymes, probiotics, acupuncture, sugar free DGL, d-limonene, Zinc Carnosine, Magnesium and osteopathy but nothing helped and some supplements gave me bad reactions like headaches or made the reflux worse.
During the summerholidays I was a little bit better; no bloating and less reflux. I ate a lot of French baguettes and far less vegetables and fruit than I used to eat.
I am still waiting for a breath test to check for SIBO but in the meantime decided to give FTD another go, as my bloating and my reflux got a lot worse after the holidays while eating wholemeal bread, oatmeal and lots of fruits and veggies although in smaller amounts than before the holidays. I hope this means my symptoms are caused by SIBO and the diet will work but after 5 days I still have this continuous reflux of salty fluid. Luckily it isn’t sharp and burning all the time, but even then it is very annoying. Sometimes it affects my voice too. The bloating is a lot less now so maybe that is a good sign.
I am wondering if I should try betaine HCL, maybe this reflux means my stomach doesn’t produce enough acid but I don’t have the courage to try. I would like to hear from you how long it took before the diet started working and if betaine HCL did help.
I am wondering if I should try skipping dairy and nuts, but I am also underweight and these are low FP with relatively high calories so I really don’t feel like it.
If this diet doesn’t work I would like to try melatonin but if that doesn’t work either I might consider trying a ppi; it would be nice to be without this continous reflux, even though it would give me other symptoms, like lack of appetite, bloating, burping…….
I need a little encouragement and some sign that this diet is working….