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I have had severe bloat for many yrs that I have attributed to candia overgrowth as I have other symptoms that seem to corroborate this thought. Never experienced heart burn until this yr. I too have been very disappointed that bone broth caused severe heartburn and stomach upset. I have narrowed it down to the gags in the broth that somehow trigger the bacteria in small intestines. I am quite certain of this because I have been taking glucosamine in capsule form for years with no heartburn. However if I open the capsule and consume the contents with food – instant heartburn. So if the glucosmine hits the small intestine, instant heartburn, but seems to have no painful effect in large intestine.

So why does glucosamine cause heartburn but sugar, for example does no. Sugar must feed the bacteria but somehow glucosamine must mess with it. Hope I’m not too late as the last post was in March.