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It took a week or two before I began noticing positive effects from this diet. But like I said before, it hasn’t been a cure. And if I eat too much fat, my symptoms seem to worsen.

I was dairy free for years when LPR first occurred. I was eating a high-fat paleo diet at that time. I can cheat sometimes and get away with it. Sometimes I’ll have a bit of ice cream or cheese, and it doesn’t seem to bother me. But if I overdo it, my symptoms flare up.

So for me, I try to avoid high amounts of fiber and high amounts of fat.

I’ve read lots of reports of people claiming that a certain diet has “cured” them. But if they stray from that diet, and the symptoms return, then it wasn’t really a cure. There’s still an underlying problem. Scientists have linked functional dyspepsia with anxiety. Most of the people I’ve talked to over the years, who suffer with this problem, have a history of anxiety. There’s something going on with the way our digestive systems respond to food. Certain foods that are difficult to digest, like high-fiber or high-fat foods, seem to worsen symptoms. But I don’t think those foods are the cause — they’re just more difficult to digest and our digestive systems are not as strong as they once were.