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Thanks for your response. No restrictive diet as such but I can confirm that I was skipping lunch at the time – not good I know. I can also confirm that yes I have always suffered from anxiety. It came in the form of chlostrophobia when I was a child and then completely went away (wrong spelling, I know). Then, as an adult I started having panic attacks – which went away completely with exercise and CBT. I feel that my condition now is definitely aggravated by anxiety BUT I must say that I strongly believe that the use of Naproxen, Flagyl and Blastocystis Hominis parasite are the cause of my illness. Will I ever be able to rectify this? I don’t know. For now, I have switched to a functional medicine doctor and am awaiting my comprehensive stool/urine tests to gain some insight into my guts. I’d like to ask you a question:

How long did it take you before the FTD had any positive effect? Can you ever cheat? Have you narrowed out any particular ingredients that causes your LPR? I read on this forum that one person is sensitive to dairy and by taking out dairy completely – his LPR is cured.