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Hello CME.

Sorry to hear of your problems. You’re not alone. I’ve had the problems for about 4 years now. Started out as LPR, then I began experiencing a mild burning sensation in my stomach about a year ago. My wife has the same problem. It’s frustrating.

I’ve also had IBS-Constipation. Eating a low-FODMAP diet has helped a lot with the IBS. The Fast Tract Diet does help keep the reflux to a minimum, but it’s not a cure, at least not for me. But it helps, so I stick with it. I try not to eat too much fat — it seems to worsen symptoms. I also try to ensure I eat plenty of calories.

I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Do you have a history of anxiety? I do. Studies have linked anxiety disorder to functional dyspepsia (which just means indigestion with no obvious cause).

2. When your symptoms first appeared, where you engaged in any kind of dieting/restrictive eating? I was on a very high fat diet when symptoms first appeared.