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Patience: Listening to Doctors here only caused me more suffering – I had never had any major health issues before the LPR so I was not experienced with how to use doctors and other research. I’m not saying to avoid going to doctors, but do your own research and run it past your doctor and go from there.

Without going into too much detail. When I was having all of the symptoms of LPR I was desperate so I tried a number of things right off. I got better slowly, but was still having problems and would wake up with a sore throat for stretches and my voice was regularly weak. Over a good year I refined things through research. Unfortunately I don’t have all of that research, but I payed close attention to things that humans are usually deficient in. D, Magnesium, K… among some others, but those worked for me.

I suffered from vitamin D “overdose” for a number of months and it wasn’t pleasant. At that time I was taking 20,000iu of D per week without Magnesium/k and I was still eating a little cheese. I was not able to go to noisy areas like Malls or shopping centers because the noise would overwhelm my brain. Doctors thought I had some type of public anxiety and prescribed some serious drugs for that which didn’t help.

For me in the end I need to avoid dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, casein, butter, etc.) entirely. Vitamin D was a no brainer as I avoid being in the sun and if you take that you have to take Magnesium and Potassium. see this link about that.

CME: It took a little while for me to notice certain foods giving me problems and others were near instant. Trigger foods for me (dairy) are not digested well and cause bloating and push back up. If I ate a big block of cheese before going to bed I’d wake up in the morning with a foul throat, but probably would feel fine going to bed. However if I drink a big glass of milk I’d instantly feel like crap and my body would hate me for being a dummy. I probably won’t get LPR symptoms anymore since I’m healed up, I’m not deficient in Magnesium, D or K and avoid, for the most part, my trigger foods.

I hope some of this info helps someone.