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I have dig up a bit while reading Norman’s book as I was interested in the starches and first have heard about the lipido:starch complexes. In an scientific article (unfortunately written in my native language) I have found paragraph about resistant starch RS3 referring to retrograded amylose. It say that this RS3 resistant starch originates from starch that is at first gelationed (by heating the water solution over 60°C). This results amylose creates randomly formatted spirals. Subsequent cooling results in amylose structure change – re-association into double spirals joined by hydrogen bridge bond. (and hydrogen bridge bond are intermolecular reaction that are hard to break, in fact they gives water its liquid properties)
Common re-heating of the food containing the RS3 does not causes dissociation of such structure and therefore such stabilized amylose structure is resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis.
You would get more if you google retrogradated amylose,gives quite a bit of resources.