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I have not seen an allergist about casein specifically, but I will at some point. The doctors here, in Poland, only made my LPR worse and I feel 100% fine under my own care of trial and error and research. Doctors here actually thought I was low on Calcium and should include dairy in my diet and I was prescribed multiple times to take PPIs for a lifetime.

When my LPR was at its worst it was about 6 months after I bought my wife an ice cream maker for Christmas. We had ice cream every night because it tasted so good. She still gets icecreams, but I switched to beer on weekends to replace those calories.

I can’t help with your breakfast – mine is usually just toast and jelly. Sometimes I’ll have a little milk in a backed good like a muffin, but I avoid dairy like the plague for the most part. On my pizza and sandwiches I substitute sauerkraut for cheese which I’ve grown quite fond of.

From my research everyone is different and its going to take some trial and error on your part to figure out how LPR has developed, but I feel there is a cure for you or anyone that has developed it as some point mid-life.