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Protein bars (make 4 small pieces, did not have more ingredients at home:-)

  • 20g of walnuts (or any other of your choice)
  • 10g pumpkin seed
  • 10g sunflower seeds meat (residue from making sunflower milk – seeds left to soak for few hours, then blended with hand blender and strain. The residue left to dry and ground to fine powder) sunflower seeds can be used instead,but the bars will be more oily
  • 10 g of hemp protein (hemp hearts,coconut powder or amaranth flakes can be used instead for example)
  • 4g of cocoa powder
  • spices (grounded coriander seeds, cinnamon, clove)
  • 1 tea spoon of home made sugar beet syrup (any allowed liquid sweetener will do the trick)
  • bit of dextrose (α-D-glucose) powder*
  • few drops of lemon juice (assume orange oil,grapefruit seeds oil can be used instead)
  • lemon zest (as much as you’d like)
  • 3g of sea-buckthorn flakes (can be fully omitted,just ads nice color,texture, flavor)

Blend all together,transfer into any non sticky pan (individual silicone cupcake pans works well), press well and let refrigerated.

* I used the dextrose as I was aware of the fructose content in the sugar beet syrup that is unknown to me (I have assumed that to be 50:50 fructose:glucose as in the white sugar) and from this reason wanted to keep the amount of the sugar beet syrup as low as possible, it just makes the nice flavor and the addition of the dextrose was to make it “enough” sweet.