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After being on Protonix on and off for a few years I Am convinced that the problem wasn’t too much acid. It was too little acid AND the acid was going In A place it didnt belong. After suffering from rebound reflux upon stopping the protonix I decided to take Zantac. Still felt awful. Wasn’t until I started taking Braggs apple cider vinegar and stopping ALL acid reducers that I began to feel more normal. Still not there yet but much better since being off ALL acid reducers. My doctor blew me off when I suggested rebound and said I had gastroparesis. After doing the gastric emptying study the results were that I had normal emptying. She wouldn’t accept those results and still insists I have gastroparesis. She denies that the problem could be too little acid and insists I have too much. She wants me to take reglan which causes tremors. She says if I start to twitch just stop taking it. I’m so tired of doctors NOT LISTENING TO ME. I have paid out thousands of dollars only to be made worse by these drugs.