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49barefoot thanks for the info about histamine. I have stumbled over that on Kresser’s blog, but didn’t pay much attention to it. I am going to give a low histamine diet a try.

Just to update on my situation, I have spent the past 6 months taking herbal antibiotics. The ones I took were recommended by Dr. Siebecker (I had a skype consult with her) Allimed, Biotics Research Lab – Dysbiocide, FC Cidal and ADP. My condition has improved about 30% from when I started to kill the SIBO. I seem to be able to tolerate eating fats a lot better. I still have heartburn and usually diarrhea and it seems to be caused mainly by the bone broth and I now realize it is also slow cooked meat!

Today I did a little test because I forgot to pack my lunch for work, so I went to the local BBQ shop and bought a 1/2 lb of beef brisket. I ate it with my homemade coleslaw and within an hour the belching and heartburn started. I am still suffering now. I don’t know that much about the brisket cut of meat, but I imagined it is like the pork belly because of its location on the beef. I can usually tolerate pork belly in the form of bacon, but the big difference is the time I cook it. Could the slow cooking of the meats causing histamines be the key to all my misery?

After reading a little ( about the histamine intolerance and the foods that trigger it I am going to try eliminating those foods.

The saga continues. Sorry I didn’t respond for so long. I stopped getting email notifications of responses.

Pix, AlleyNYC, 49barefoot, pompadur, Norm and everyone else, I really appreciate the responses. Please update me and let me know how you are doing and if you have figured out how to beat this thing.