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I’ve been on this diet for a couple of years now. Well, off and on (mostly on). I’ve been with it strictly since late-March. It has helped with symptoms. But like I said, it hasn’t cured the indigestion/reflux. This Fast Tract diet, combined with a low-FODMAP diet, has also helped with IBS and constipation. No more painful bloating, gas, constipation. That’s great.

Yeah, the scratchy throat will disappear after a few days. I didn’t do well with oatmeal, so I avoid it. The only grain I eat is white rice (Jasmine). I’m sure you can put weight on with plenty of low-FP carbs and fat.

I’ve noticed that if I over do it on fat, I often will get a flare up of reflux. The same goes for fiber. High Fat + High Fiber = the worst symptoms. Butter always seems to cause me problems. Ice cream will sometimes, if I over do it. Cheese seems to be okay, but I try not to over do it.