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Thanks for the response Scott.
I was low carb but I never was never on a low calorie diet. Did not have a lot of anxiety until the symptoms started but have calmed since. I do not take meds of any kind. Have always tried holistic approaches to my problems. However, I was taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in my protein shakes for close to a year now. Have stopped. Does not appear to be anyone else in my family suffering from this issue. How long have you been on the diet. I have cut out all wheat products. I do eat gluten free organic oatmeal from Bob’s Meal. have cut out some of the high FP fruits because I ate a lot of blueberries in my protein shakes. Have only been on it a few days, but symptoms seem improved. Still have a scratchy throat but I think that will go away after it has healed from the burn. I was having a lot of bloating before my symptoms occurred, especially after the antibiotics. Most of that has subsided. Just worried I will not put weight back on.