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I am a newly diagnosed LPR sufferer. Began after having an upper respiratory infection over Easter. Was put on antibiotics. Afterwards, my symptoms started with constant throat clearing, mucous and lump in throat. Prescribed a PPI, but refused to take as I know the side effects are dangerous as well I would rather treat the problem than the symptom. Research lead me to the FTD. I am a very healthy 43 year old male. Exercise 6 days a week. Eat really healthy. Was very low carb until a few months ago when I started eating more organic wheat bread. Eat a lot of fruit and veggies and organic beef and chicken and sardines. Hoping this diet works. Also wondering if is ok do egg protein shakes. Over this time span I went from 174 lbs to 164. I am 5’10 height. Can I do this diet and gain my weight back.