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How low carb are you? At the beginning, I made the mistake of going too low carb (about 20 a day), which switches you over to burning fat instead of glucose/carbs. This is okay for some people, but for me it did rev up my metabolism/energy and I had trouble sleeping and lost a lot of weight (and I was eating a lot of fat to compensate – definitely need to replace carbs with good fats anytime you restrict carbs, hard to get over if you were taught fats are bad for you). I found my “sweet spot” to be about 60-80 carbs a day – that is where I feel really good overall health, and still control my LPR. I also found that I am good with dairy (fortunate, no lactose issues) and with fruit (again,fortunate no fructose issues), so my current low carb – high fat – moderate protein diet has a lot of variety and a good nutrient profile. Your current diet may be lacking in some nutrients/minerals that regulate our nervous system and hormone levels like thyroid, such as Magnesium which helps a lot with sleep and calm and bowel regularity. The book will definitely help with recipes and meals and explaining a lot of these processes. Another big help to me was working with a Nutritionist who was familiar with low carb diets. Any time you radically change your diet, the body takes time to re-adjust and compensate. I went through three major diet changes in about three months (from whole grains and good fats, to low fat/high carb/low acid with acid blocker drugs, to low carb/high fat), so my system was really confused!

My suggestion would be to look for the low fermentation carbs that you could increase to be not quite so low carb if you are down below 40 or so a day (I felt better when I got above 50, but this is different for everyone). And make sure to eat these low FP carbs with good fats and protein to avoid insulin spikes/crashes. And do this gradually (say add another 10 carbs per week, not a huge amount all at once).