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Hi Tennisgal – when I was first diagnosed with LPR, I was put on acid blocker drugs and a low fat, low acid diet (Dropping Acid Koufmann). My LPR got 10 times worse. Desperate, I searched and found the Fast Tract program. Within just a few days, I was improved and within a few months virtually LPR free (and have been for a year). I have continued to stay on a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet of meat/veggies/dairy/fruit/nuts (all found not to cause problems for me). Make sure to eat a lot of good fat and lots of greens. I do best at 60-80 carbs a day. The biggest thing is to limit the fermentable carbs highlighted in the FT book. My anxiety and stress levels are very calm, even though I am in the middle of my most stressful time ever in 25 year career.