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Norm Robillard
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The Spirulina Manna product is the simplest and lowest carb product but has no enzymes or probiotics. The other two (Elite Green and Vitamineral Green) include both digestive enzymes and probiotics, but also approximately 4 grams of carbs which are mostly fiber. I don’t see a huge problem with these supplements, but there are two things to consider:
1. Add the total carbs (mostly fiber) grams to your daily FP totals.
2. I would do a bit more research to determine how the company assures that no microcystin (or other) toxins are present. Many cyanobacterial (photosynthetic bacteria) strains produce these neuro/hepato toxins. Chances are the products are fine, but depending on where they source the material, it could be an issue. Here’s a link to read up on these toxins.