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Thanks very much for the suggestion about the chlorella. I have been fascinated by the website and just got and am reading the book, too, about not taking undigestible fiber, but apparently it worked for you, which is fantastic and I do appreciate your sharing.

Here is the link to the supplements that are recommended in website:

So far I am doing much better just eliminating any undigestible fiber, like bran etc and just received the supplement, Hydro-C, which I feel very good about. Will start it this weekend. I would love to order the three other products that are recommended, however, two of them have FOS in them, so not sure and would love advice from Dr. Robillard. Apparently, FOS isn’t good for LPR?? I don’t have any other issue besides the Silent Reflux and am doing great with the FP diet, all symptoms almost completely gone. I would love to know the answer about the FOS.

Thanks very much for any advice.