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I to have been on ppi’s for 4.5 years and now after reading Dr Robillard’s book and adopting his diet I am just about ppi free. I was on 20 mg dose for almost the entire time and then my symptoms got worse and the doctor upped me to 40 and I had no improvement. I have been cutting back since I started the diet from 40 to 20 for two weeks to 10 for two weeks and right now I am attempting to go omep free. Been 4.5 days now and last night and this morning I had an episode but have been ok for the last 3 hrs. I think I am going to see how long I can go with the rebound effect. Otherwise I might have to cut back to 5 for a while. I’ll update my results in a couple of weeks. Good luck to you all in your endeavor to be omep free. I certainly had enough. See this link for a look at a study on omeprazole rebound.