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Oops, I just posted a long note on what I have been doing, pressed ‘submit’ and it seems to have disappeared. I will try to write it again!

Number one, thank you to Jules for the suggestion of juicing veggies. Yesterday, I juiced zucchini, yellow summer squash, green beans, a piece of celery and one small piece of carrot. I added a drop of stevia from Sweetleaf (the one without the inulin) and it was really yummy! Will keep doing and hope it works.

I have also added some ayurvedic herbs. I have also switched from VSL3 probiotic to Natren products as recommended by bearsmom. I got the megadophilus and the Healthy Trinity. You have to take them two hours away from other herbs, which is a little difficult, since I take a lot of herbs, however, I am managing and hope that helps.

I am trying Zypan also, which is supposed to help you digest your food. Many people rave over this.

Thank you so much to bearsmom for the website It has been fascinating reading about all the misconceptions we have about constipation re fiber and drinking lots of water, etc. I am wondering if one of the products mentioned there would be good to take. Now I take Liquid Magnesium and triphala, which always worked before, but not since following the new FP points diet and giving up all grains. I know it is not good if you have interstitial cystitis, however, that is not an issue with me. Would love to get an opinion as it looks like a great product.