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Just some more comments on the constipation issue (I think I am ‘getting’ kind of where to post things now 🙂

I have taken Jules suggestion and just starting to juice some veggies. Yesterday I juiced with my Acme juicer yellow summer squash, zucchini, green beans, one piece of celery and a small piece of carrot. Added a drop of pure SweetLeaf stevia to it (the one without the inulin). It was very yummy and look forward to trying it some more and see how it works. Thanks to Jules for the suggestion.

I have also added some ayurvedic herbs for digestion prescribed by my herbalist. And trying a couple of Zypan (by Standard Process) before protein meals.

I do take Liquid Magnesium at night along with triphala (ayurvedic herb) and that used to always work when I was eating grains a lot. However, not since I have been on FastTract diet (which by the way has healed my symptoms of LPR very well–mostly shortness of breath etc is all gone). The magnesium hasn’t worked lately and that is why I am looking for other solutions and have been perusing this website.

I took Milk of Magnesia because so backed up and that, along with the other things I just added the last few days, has worked too much, so will definitely be eliminating that.

I also have switched from VSL#3 probiotic at bearsmom’s advice to Natren products (chose megadophilus and trinity probiotic). They are hard to take as have to take two hours away from any other herbs and I do take herbs with most meals and at bedtime. (I have hepatitis c in remission from using these ayurvedic herbs that heal the liver.) However, I manage to fit the probiotics in and hope they will help. They are super-expensive, even more than VSL3, which I thought was expensive, but am giving them a try in the meantime while I am adjusting to the new diet and way of eating.

Thanks so much to bearsmom for sharing the site. Wow, what a wealth of information! I couldn’t stop reading it and have ordered his book on fiber. It also changes everything I always thought was true. I was surprised he says you don’t need to drink eight glasses of water per day!! But should get from other veggies and foods. I can’t wait to get his book. To me, it is totally revolutionary about how I always thought about constipation, fiber, water, etc and do hope it turns out to be accurate.

I am unsure whether I am able to take his product, Hydro-C, which he recommends for constipation, supposedly with none of the side effects of other constipation remedies. I thought perhaps instead of the Carlson liquid magnesium and the triphala or possibly in addition. I know some people can’t take because of interstitial cystitis, however, I do not have that problem and so wonder if that product would be okay for me. Here is the link:

I would love to hear from Dr. Robillard or bearsmom or anyone who knows if this is okay for people with LPR. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for this fantastic forum. It has been a major education.