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Thank you 49barefoot for the idea.
I took a look at the list of “forbidden” foods and at seems that i have not much to loose. I already don’t eat dairy, eggs or nightshades – because i started also Autoimmune protocol by Sara Ballantain… Now i will say good-bye to tea , fermented foods and cinnamon. I will miss only berries as they really help to add some coulor in my life.
Also i take my lunch with me to office. So it is all “leftover” meat. I will have to change something with it.

There is also connection between SIBO and histamine intolerance, Chris Kresser writes at his blog:
“Many integrative practitioners, including myself, believe that a primary cause of histamine intolerance is an overgrowth of certain types of bacteria that make histamine from undigested food, leading to a buildup of histamine in the gut and overwhelming the body’s ability to catabolize the excess histamine. ”

So the Fast Tract diet must help with this also with time. But initially maybe it is needed to awoid high histamine food.

It seems that Fast Tract must be helpful in any case and i just don;t understand why it doesn;t help me.
Sorry to be pessimistic – but i didn;t sleep a few nights and my throat and mouth are burned with acid and bile 🙁 I just don;t know what else should i do.