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Hi Bearsmom etc.
This is not about IC but about constipation. Wasn’t sure where to post it. I have followed your advice and gotten a couple of Natren products. I do have a medical intuitive I consult with. He looked over the Natren products and recommended the megadophilus and Healthy Trinity. Wow, they sure are expensive! I thought VSL was expensive but am stopping that and switching to these two. Do you think I should do one at a time. I do find them difficult to take since you are supposed to take before meals and two hours away from other herbs. I take other herbs before I eat, so a little confused when to take. Guess will take in between meals, two hours away from other herbs.

I am doing great with my LPR and main symptom, which was shortness of breath, seems to be mostly gone since going on Dr. Robillard’s FP diet. Amazing! But it is a whole new thing for me to give up grains and so have been dealing with constipation. I never had that before. I am hoping by drinking lots of water, eating a lot of green veggies–and veggies in general, and taking the probiotics, that that will help.

At night I take a liquid magnesium from Carlson and two ayurvedic triphala herb. This past week I have had to add Swiss Kriss, which is a senna herbs, however, I have read that people do well with that, even can take over long periods of time.
Also have added the Natren. I do hope the megadophilus will not work in reverse!!

I have also switched from a Green Drink that has many things in it, Vitaminerals, to Spirulina Manna, also by Health Force.

Other than the constipation, the diet has really healed my symptoms and have been reading a lot about low-carb diets in general, which is very educational. I always thought I was doing so well eating all those healthy grains (quinoa, basmati rice, etc) and now find out not very good at all.

This forum has helped so much and do appreciate any input as to this constipation issue. Also about the probiotic question.