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Hi Jules

You are really on the right track. I have only started adding in a 1/2 serving of fruit recently. You are right that the LPR symptoms take longer. I don’t understand why, but know that the bacteria shift as they compete for less food (a good thing). For some reason there are a lot of reports of LPR symptoms and I have experienced that as well. I think you will get to the point where you can have things like rice a fruit and few times per week and then more often. Strangely my LPR has gotten better, even tho I added back fruit, because I watch my veggie portions more carefully now. I used to be of the mind that “veggies are good” and would just eat a ton of them. But my digestion can’t really handle that, so, there you go! Don’t be discouraged. I am thouroughly convinced that diet is the best way to improve your health. It just takes more time! If you are not getting the results you want in another month, you can look at underlying issues. Keep going!!