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bearsmom, how have you been going?

I thought about what you said and I have dropped the watermelon from my diet (only fruit I was having) and am going to swap the thick rice cakes for thin ones. As you did, I may have to be prepared to let go of these as well. I tried some Jasmine rice but the next morning I had a windy lower intestine so perhaps I’m not ready for that yet. You will see from my previous post to Norm that I’m going to try to keep to under 30 points a day.

This feels like a never-ending journey at the moment. I know I’ve improved overall but am disappointed to step backwards into heartburn and ear pain again this morning. I thought the lack of heartburn over the past week might be the start of real healing for me and was mindful that it takes much longer for LPR to get better. Hopefully it’s only a temporary setback.

There are times when it is definitely challenging to keep the right attitude as we traverse the road to healing for this condition. I find my little “what if…” voice hangs around a bit. 🙂