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Hello Norm and thank you for your response.

I thought I was eating a very low carb diet (which I am by “normal” standards) but after buying digital scales a couple of days ago and weighing my food I realise I have more often than not been eating in the high moderate range for the last three months. I am going to try to keep under 30 points a day for a week and see how that goes. Juicing vegetables adds to the points but I need this to keep me regular in the bathroom.

I was encouraged that I’ve had no heartburn for the last seven days but I’m having some heartburn after breakfast this morning which is disappointing. Also my throat felt a bit more irritable last night and I’m having some ear pain at the moment coinciding with the heartburn. This could possibly point towards a small serving of casserole I had the night before last which I discovered had onion, some tomato sauce and wheat flour in it.

I’m on the verge of giving up Nexium (now only taking around 3mg daily). If I fail to improve with lowering the FP points I will take up your kind offer of a consultation.